pasta - 2Confession: I am not that into pasta. I can’t really put my finger on why, but it really just doesn’t get me excited about dinner. But my reality is that I feed kids every single night and they do get to weigh in on the weekly menu plan. Also, I am really fond of my sanity and what can possibly be easier than pasta?

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KHA_0913_2My friend Anna (of Lunch Box London fame) has worked in a lot of professional kitchens and has shared many time and effort-saving tricks with me since I have known her. Cooking with her is a pleasure — she cooks intuitively and creatively, has great taste and zero fear. Anna is also really efficient. If she can do something in two steps, no way she is going to take five. Or a burner on the stove. Or dirty an extra pan.

I am a complete convert to Anna’s low-effort method of prepping kale and other hardy greens:  Read More →

I’ve been setting up shop in the new kitchen. Filling a pantry from scratch is such a luxury. Usually I have to slog through old spices that guilt keeps me from throwing away. But when we left London, we had to pitch it all. My husband did the dirty work in case I just hid them in a suitcase and got us stopped at Customs.

Just like the start of a new school year (this is the year I will do all of my homework on time!), I am still full of energetic plans to make this the kitchen that stays organized, the kitchen that never gets cluttered with half bags of old pasta and esoteric ingredients that will never get used. (Check back a year from now I’ll have a post about history repeating itself…)

spice kitchen-2

Spice jars on a rotating caddy, by JosephJoseph. These live on the counter near my stove.

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