Peter Berley honed his skills as a vegetarian chef at Angelika Kitchen in New York City and cooking for his “blended” family of meat-eaters and vegetarians. The book is organized by menu and by season, with each menu designed for you to prepare the vegetarian and meat-based dishes simultaneously without additional work. This an elegant way to entertain when you have a mixed crowd for dinner.

I have also found it really brilliant for reducing meat in my repertoire. The recipes are sophisticated and will leave meat-eaters feeling sated despite the lack of animal protein on the plate.

Good for: dinner parties, weekend dinners. Sea Bass or Tofu with Soy Butter Sauce, Quinoa with Green Beans and Corn

Highly recommended for people who entertain, meat-eaters with vegetarian friends/family, vegetarians with meat-eating friends/family, and those trying to broaden their diet