November always brings cornbread.  Not only is it delicious, but the early colonists actually learned to cultivate and mill corn (or maize) from the Native Americans.  This is seriously historical Thanksgiving food.  But making it here in the UK led me to unexpected ex-pat confusion: even though cornbread is a simple quick bread made with cornmeal, eggs and milk, it is hard to find traditional cornmeal most of the year.  At Thanksgiving a few shops that cater to ex-pats stock up on Jiffy and Quaker Oats, but the rest of the time the recommendation is to substitute polenta.  After a little trial and error, I’ve been fully converted and don’t plan to ever go back to the commercial brands of cornmeal.
Skillet Cornbread

My fabulous sister has been blogging for several years at Brunch and the city and The Hill is Home.  In fact, she was a driving force behind this blog.  See, back in DC we lived next door and we both knew pretty much everything happening in each other’s lives.  With an ocean and 5 time zones of separation, she encouraged me to do this to keep my family back home plugged into my school adventures.  We were lucky to have her visit for Christmas.  She and my mom and I pretty much went mad in the kitchen blending recipes and inspiration from home with techniques from school and ingredients from London.  Below is her Brunch and the city post about good old-fashioned Christmas morning comfort food made from scratch.  Enjoy! Read More →