I spent Thursday at school.  People kept telling me “Happy Thanksgiving” as if it was my own personal holiday.  It was nice.  But melancholy.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  We cook, we hang out, we watch football.  No gifts, no guilt, no drama.  Just cooking and relaxing.  And the cooking isn’t perfectionist or ambitious.  It is nurturing, nostalgic, emotional, symbolic.  Everyone seems to need their dish that “makes” it Thanksgiving.  This leads to an incoherent menu with too much food and too many dishes.  But isn’t it generous?  To me the abundant Thanksgiving buffet includes a little bit of all of the guests, an influence from different regions, and it’s sum is greater than its component parts.

But cooking back home after a day in the kitchen at school was thoroughly unappealing.  So we delayed Thanksgiving to today (Sunday) and downgraded it significantly.  Even with only 4 mouths to feed and a simplified menu, I still spent all day cooking.  I knew it was worth it when my husband smiled at the end of the meal and announced that it was a smashing success. Read More →