One stop on our summer holiday included a visit with family in the French countryside. Behind their home, they look after a very large veg patch full of tomatoes, squash, aubergine, melon, pumpkins, corn, lettuce, herbs. Their lush and beautiful crop made my little urban plot seem like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of veg patches.  No matter.  I’m not the jealous type.  As they say, when life give you, um, courgette flowers, make something delicious.  Even if they are from someone else’s garden.

courgette/zucchini blossom

This was actually my husband’s inspired idea.  While helping with the garden chores, he realised that there were nearly twenty beautiful blossoms on the courgette plants and squash vines.  This in addition to the courgette already fully ripened and ready to eat.  Seriously, these courgette were the as long as my forearm and as heavy as a small child. So our lunch idea would also serve as a much needed crop reduction.  (He grew up on a farm.  He is very clever.)

He asked if the flowers were the same kind they use at the Salt Yard for that amazing fried courgette blossom dish? Yes. Did they teach me how to do that in school? No, but we can wing it. And use Google.  And let’s just say that a crunchy, creamy, salty and sweet courgette recipe was an easy sell.

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Maybe it is the fact that the sun finally arrived.  Maybe it is the fact that Spring vegetables are beginning to show up at the market.  Maybe it is just that I have enough time to finally sit down and write a blog post.  Whatever it is, it is good.  And I know it isn’t just me because I just finished an amazing Saturday on Portobello Road making lovely food from fruits and vegetables that we bought from Portobello & Golborne Markets.  Three lovely women from Leiths joined me and the crowds were happy and social and enjoying the day and the market.

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