The Sixes have graduated from Kindergarten and are chillin’ until they start the 1st grade. Some pool time and sports camp. A healthy amount of boredom to balance out the overscheduled academic year. Getting grubby and washing off with the garden hose.  These are the joys of summer.

June also kicks off with birthdays.  First the Queen (actually 21 April but celebrated in June with the Trooping of the Colour and an awesome flyover).  Then the Sixes.  Remember last year’s back-to-back homemade parties for each kid? That will probably go down as a once-in-a-lifetime feat of strength. This year we took the saner path of throwing the first party at home and the second off-premises.

Part One: Cupcake School

My girl asked for a smallish party at home with cupcakes. We decided to turn the cake into the entertainment by having a “Cupcake School” afternoon.   She and I hand-decorated aprons for all of the girls and came up with a menu that would have something for everyone.   With the able assistance of my sister, we spent the day before making huge batches of cupcakes and icing for the girls to go crazy with.

Thanks to a genius recipe from the Lunch Box Girls’ repertoire, this wasn’t as daunting as it might seem. All of the icing was made from the same base and then flavoured and coloured in smaller batches before going into the clear piping bags. Three of the four cupcake flavours were also made from the same vanilla cupcake base. And the chocolate cupcakes with mini oreos baked into the centre? That batch was made with some additional assistance from Betty Crocker. (Sure, it’s a cheat, but at least you know the truth).


Part Two: Spiderman Climbing Partybirthday-02

Have you taken your kids rock climbing yet? I have and it was a hit. The second thing my boy said after hitting the ground was that he wanted a Spiderman climbing party this year. That was back in January and it has stuck ever since. When a kids’ desires are easy to meet, my policy is to go for it.

We booked the Westway Sports Centre on a quiet Friday morning. The Centre provides once teacher for every 4 children and the private session lasts 90 minutes. Some of the boys had never climbed before but they all scrambled to the top of the wall gleefully by the end of the lesson.

Hawaiian pizza was the special request of the birthday boy and our baker-friend made him a special cake to suit the theme.

Happy happy birthday to mine and all of the other summer birthday kids!birthday-01

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