In addition to learning about food and becoming a better cook, I am trying very hard to help my kids become adventurous eaters.  That has actually been a goal of mine for as long as they’ve been eating solid foods.  And yes, I did make homemade baby food  … it’s just cooked vegetables and a hand blender, I mean, come on … but I digress.  In our family, everyone has to try some of everything on their plate at each meal, and if you want dessert you have to eat most of your meal.  So, one might think that developing adventurous eating habit is mainly about making exotic, yet appealing food.  (See the previous post about cockles…)  That’s only part of the story.  As my husband proved this evening, adventurous eating some times requires plain old adventure.  In an attempt to get “The Fours” to eat their dinner tonight (beef stew with mashed potatoes and barley, brought home from today’s practical session), he pulled out the Lego C-3PO as our supper inspector.  C-3PO popped up every few minutes to check their progress.  “I see you have eaten 32% of your dinner.  The chances of you getting dessert are 756 to 1.”   I’m not sure my 4 year-olds got the math, but it definitely got big laughs, and empty plates.  Well done, Dad.

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  1. Aunt Fahy on October 25, 2012 at 1:24 am said:

    Kate, I’m so excited for you. I’m more excited for myself actually, since I’ll be visiting soon and get to taste some of this divine fare! I can hardly wait. Shall I bring the “Fours” a bag of cheetos?

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